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Fun Summer Activities on a Budget

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Summer is here! With the kids out of school, keeping them, as well as yourself occupied, is difficult. There are plenty of activities to do, but adding them all up can get pretty expensive. We’ve got you covered with a list of 10 cost-friendly and entertaining summer activities for anyone to enjoy.

Picnic at the Park – This is a fun way to get outside and enjoy the summer weather while eating your favorite foods. The park also provides a great place for many fun outdoor activities that you can do with family or friends for free.

Free Outdoor Concerts – Many areas have live music during the week, that are either free or have a low-cost entrance fee. It’s also a fun way to get out into the community and enjoy local artists.

Geocaching – Download the Geocaching app and experience a real-life treasure hunt. Using your GPS, the app will guide you to different “treasures” around the area. When you find them, you can take something for yourself and leave something else in its place for others to find. Take this opportunity to explore your city in a different way.

Farmer’s Market – Most cities have Farmer’s Markets on the weekend where local vendors come to share their products with the community. This is a great way to support locals in your community and to try great fresh food.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s always fun to browse.

Movie Night – You can check out movies at your local public library and have a fun movie night in the comfort of your home. Another option can be an outdoor theater or drive-in movie.  Just remember to bring the popcorn!

Baking – Making delicious sweet treats can be lots of fun. Find a recipe that you like and get to baking. The fun part is, you get to enjoy eating it afterwards.

Have a Lake Day – Lakes offer many activities that are fun for all ages including swimming, fishing and soaking up the sun.  Most lakes are free to the public and you can always rent equipment if needed.

Go Hiking – Explore your city, or a new area, by going on nature hikes. Hikes are not only good exercise but a great way to enjoy the summer weather.

Visit a Fruit Farm – Many areas have fruit farms where you can visit and pick fruit to take home with you.  It’s also a fun way to buy local produce. Berries are in season during the summer, so be on the lookout for berry farms near you!

Be Creative – Let out your creative side with a fun art project. This can be a creative outlet for kids as well as adults, and you can showcase your work when you’re done.


Are there any that we missed? Which ones have you tried? Let us know what your favorite inexpensive summer activities are in the comments below!

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