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Nature Walks

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Health Benefits of Nature Walks


Taking a stroll outside this spring, summer or autumn can be quite beneficial for everyone. The scent of flowers blooming, the rustling of leaves and the gentle sway of treetops are all enjoyable. When our lives seem busy, experiencing a few minutes of nature can be vital to our health, allowing us to maintain a higher quality of life. From the US National Library of Medicine, Healthline and Mayo Clinic, here are some of the health benefits a simple stroll in nature can offer!

·  Boosts immune system

The chemical compounds which protect trees and other plants from bacterial, fungal and insect attacks are called phytoncides. These plant pheromones can cause the white blood cells in humans to increase, giving us a better chance at fighting off viruses and infected cells.  Sunlight is also an excellent reason to bask amongst nature. Our bodies are able to create vitamin D from the Sun’s rays, which can help prevent heart attacks, osteoporosis and depression.

·  Weight loss

Walking a trail for a minimum of 30 minutes a day can help your metabolism to stay in tip top shape. Walking engages our muscles, and if done enough, can help build muscle mass. With the ability to gain more muscle mass, your body produces more energy which in turn burns more calories, completing a positive feedback loop.

·  Improved sleep quality

Spending time outside with nature and natural sunlight is a great way to reset your internal clock. Sunlight helps the body boost and maintain alertness, getting us back to feeling awake when its daytime and sleepy at night.

·  Reduced stress

Nature grants us more moments of Zen. When we get more fresh air outside, our oxygen levels rise and our brain releases a natural mood booster. Exercising outside can also help by increasing production of endorphins, leaving us feeling calmer and more balanced.


Nature walks are a great way to positively impact your life. Simply getting outside this spring can help boost your immune system, improve your sleep and reduce your stress level, all of which encourages a positive outlook. For more information on finding trails to get out and explore in your area, visit

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