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Chairman's Desk March 2020

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With the warmer days of spring approaching, many will be filled with the joy that comes with the search for a new home. The excitement of touring different properties, followed by the anticipation of envisioning yourself in that special new place, makes finding your perfect house a memorable experience. 

At Capitol Federal®, we understand that initial thrill of finding your dream home is only part of your homeownership journey. A home provides security because it is a place of certainty.  A CapFed® conventional loan is serviced by us for the life of the loan. There’s no uncertainty about who services your loan down the road, and CapFed will be there for you if you ever have a question.  There’s a sense of community with homeownership.  Friends and family have a place to gather to build on relationships, trust and cooperation. Homeownership brings us all together.

The same security, community, trust and cooperation are the standards that have driven Capitol Federal for over 125 years.  We’ve proven this in our home lending process by turning generations of house hunters into proud homeowners, because at Capitol Federal, Home is Everything.

John B. Dicus
CEO, Capitol Federal®

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