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Don't Get Tripped Up: Fall Prevention Tips

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We want life to be easier and safer for everyone. One of the most costly, but preventable, injuries is falling. Either in your home or outside, healthcare costs from senior Americans falling reached nearly $50 billion last year. Here are some tips, from the Certified Nurse Assistant’s, to help you from getting tripped up and preventing a fall.

Clean up clutter - The easiest method for preventing falls is to keep your home neat and tidy. Remove all clutter, pet toys or stacks of old newspapers and magazines from hallways and staircases. Also, arrange your furniture for clear pathways around end tables or extension cords.

Avoid wearing loose clothing - You want to feel comfortable at home, but baggy clothes can sometimes make you more likely to fall. Opt for better-fitting and properly hemmed clothing that doesn’t bunch up or drag on the ground.

Light it right - Inadequate lighting is another major hazard. Properly lit homes prevent yourself from not seeing objects that might otherwise cause a fall. Install higher wattage bulbs in poorly lit rooms, and use a nightlight in dark spots at night.

Wear Shoes - Socks may be comfortable, but they present a slipping risk. Preventing falls at home can be as simple as wearing your shoes inside your house. You can also wear non-slip socks that have grips on the soles of the feet to help keep you grounded.

Make it non slip - Bathtubs and showers, as well as floors in kitchens, bathrooms and porches, can become extremely dangerous when wet. Non-slip mats may be used to prevent falls on slick surfaces.

If you should fall, it’s important to have a plan beforehand. The CNA Free Training website suggests you do a quick self-evaluation to determine if you’ve been hurt, and if so, what’s been injured. If you are able to get up, move yourself along the floor to a chair or railing so you can more easily get yourself to a seated position. If you’re unable to get up, call for help to anyone nearby. If there’s no one near, get to a telephone and call an emergency contact or 911.

To find more information on falling and prevention, visit CNA’s website.

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