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Save During Winter By Spending More Time with Your Family

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The leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping and that means the winter season is coming.   As the holiday months approach, you may be thinking to yourself: I would love to spend more time with my family, but I’d rather not break the bank to do so. No worries, we are here to offer a few inexpensive winter activities you and your loved ones can participate in together.  

Home Movie Nights – Movie nights are a fun go-to in the winter. It’s warm inside, there’s popcorn and adventures on the screen. You can have the same type of comfy winter fun for a fraction of the cost by having a movie night at home instead of going out. With so many streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, you can catch the newest movies from the comfort of your own home.

Create Gifts with the Family - The winter season is filled with holidays, and they may increase your holiday gift spending. It’s easy to get caught up on spending money without thinking twice. Who doesn’t love to give the perfect gift!  You don’t need to empty your bank account in order to give the perfect gift.  By making gifts with the family instead of buying them, you will only need to spend money on supplies, all while creating family traditions and lasting memories. Checkout Good Housekeeping for easy holiday gift ideas. 

Repurpose Decorations
- During the holidays, consumers tend to spend an increased amount on decorations. Everyone wants their house to look great, but instead of buying store bought decorations, try creating decorations as a family project. Gather craft materials from around the house and make a competition of who can construct the most creative ornaments. Another option is garage sale shopping.  At the end of winter, people have gone through their decorations and are ready to rid themselves of what they don’t use. Take advantage of these sales. You can find some treasures, and you’ll save your family a ton in decor for the next year.

Go Play in the Snow – When the snow piles up, grab the shovels and bring the family along. It can save on the cost of gas for snowblowers and be a no cost family event. You will be getting a great workout, burning off those holiday calories. While you’re out there in the snow, don’t forget to build a snowman or have a friendly snowball fight.

Host a New Year’s Party - Families spend a lot of money dining out or buying tickets to special events for New Year’s Eve. While that’s bound to be a good time, if you’re looking to keep your winter budget down, it might be a good idea to do something different. Instead, plan an intimate party with family and friends. Everyone can bring a dish, and you supply the space to gather. By doing this, you’re likely to save on your New Year’s spending, and sure to ring in the New Year with fun and more money in your bank account.

Just because the temperatures are dropping, it doesn’t mean you should spend less time with your loved ones. We hope you found these inexpensive winter family activities fun and creative.

Please share any other winter and holiday traditions you and your family enjoy.

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