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Family Summer Activities

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School is out! Summer has officially arrived, and you may be looking for summer activities for you and the family. Do you have anything planned on how you’ll keep the kids entertained during summer break? At the end of the school year, most parents see an increase in bills, as they pay for things like: summer classes, camps, sports leagues, restaurant meals, and many other expenses as they try to keep the kids amused.

Here is a list of six inexpensive summer activities for your kids, and you, to enjoy.

Outdoor Theater- Many towns and cities have free outdoor movies and concerts in the summer. Bring a blanket, enjoy ice cream and flip-flops and get there early to claim your spot!

Museum Free Days- Nearly all museums offer free admission days, not just in the summer, but year round. Plan a day, and enjoy an afternoon spent in the comfort of air-condition and art.

Family Cooking Projects- Make family meals special by inviting kids to help cook. Whether you’re making cool, sweet treats like rainbow cupcakes or passing down secret family recipes, you’ll be making both food and memories in the kitchen.

Make a Time Capsule- Gaze into the future by making a time capsule the kids will always remember. Let kids choose what they want to include, anything from school photos to a list of favorite toys. Bury the time capsule in the backyard or put it away somewhere safe so it can be found by kids when they are older.

Kid Workshops – Both Lowes and Home Depot offer free workshops for kids to get excited about building and growing. Kids have the opportunity to build small wooden projects and receive a free apron, goggles and patch to commemorate the day.

Backyard Camping - Some campsites charge money, but your own backyard is no charge at all. Where better to pitch your tent than in your own backyard? While you’re out there, stargazing is great family activity. Make it a game of who can find Orion, Cassiopeia and other constellations. Make sure you have your tents and marshmallows.

What’s your favorite low cost summer activity? Anything on this list you want to try? If you have any other saving tips or ideas, share them here! Also, check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.

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