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Chairman's Desk, September 2017

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The importance of saving may be understood by one simple fact – we cannot predict the future. Having money safely tucked away allows you to prepare for the unexpected now, and gives you the freedom of choice in the future. A healthy savings account lets you purchase the things you want, helps you become financially secure and offers a safety net in the event of an emergency. 

At Capitol Federal®, our mission includes a commitment to helping you save your money. We have dedicated employees determined to help your savings goals succeed. They can assist you in choosing the savings account that is the right fit for your needs and financial situation. Starting with a simple and secure savings account is an excellent first step. However, a CapFed® Money Market Select account allows you to earn a higher interest rate, yet enjoy easy access to cash. For a long-term saving strategy, think about a CD ladder, giving you flexibility while taking advantage of future interest rates. Lastly, an IRA is an option to begin saving for retirement now. Whichever account you choose to begin or enhance your savings, it is backed by the strength of more than 120 years of True Blue® service. 

At some point in everyone’s life, you realize you must save money. Perhaps it’s at an early age when you start to comprehend the importance of saving, or maybe it comes later in life when you recognize the consequence of spending too much. Either way, a point is reached when saving money becomes an essential part of life. Whether it’s for a car, a house, retirement or just a rainy day, trust CapFed to help you save. While we cannot predict the future, we can help you save for future opportunities.

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