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Employee's Heart has Gone to the Dogs

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At Capitol Federal®, our employees truly believe in giving back. A core Bank philosophy is a Commitment to Community, and our employee volunteers help honor this tradition by taking time to help others. During the next several months, we will spotlight CapFed® employees who exemplify the giving spirit throughout our CapFed® communities. 

Stacie Grobolshek is a self-proclaimed animal lover. She’s the Creative Director for Capitol Federal’s Marketing Department and balances her passion for design, with her passion for helping animals. For the last several years, Stacie has volunteered with Great Plains SPCA to help create a better life for pets and the people who love them. We asked Stacie to answer some questions about how she got involved with this organization and why volunteering is so important.

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Tell us about Great Plains SPCA and what you do as a volunteer for their organization.

I have been volunteering with Great Plains SPCA for about four years. They are a comprehensive no-kill animal welfare organization in Independence, MO that promotes adoption, outreach and veterinary care. As a volunteer with Great Plains SPCA, I do all sorts of jobs to make our furry friends more comfortable at the shelter. This includes getting the dogs outside in the morning and performing basic agility with them. At the end of the day, I pick one dog to get coffee with me. It gives them a break from the hubbub of the shelter and they get a special treat from the barista! I also help with transporting dogs to surgery, picking up donated supplies and I help foster animals going through rehab.

Why did you volunteer with Great Plains SPCA? 

I had no idea the need for shelter volunteers and I learned how important it is to give animals a mental break from the stress of shelter life. I discovered Great Plains SPCA and I fell in love, many times over, with the pets. The Great Plains staff are great and they allow volunteers to be very flexible with their time. They also allow me to work with behavioral dogs whereas other shelters don’t allow volunteers to get involved with special service dogs.  

What’s the best moment you’ve had as a volunteer? 

The best moments are seeing the animals you have fostered go from homeless to pampered in their new forever homes. Their true personality comes out once you get them in a foster home, and it’s an amazing thing to see. 

Why is volunteering important? 

Volunteers are crucial in the rescue/shelter environment. The mental health of our furry friends declines rapidly when removed from the life they know and placed in a small kennel at a shelter. Exercise, mental enrichment with toys/puzzles, and human touch is incredibly beneficial to their well-being. Interaction helps immensely in getting the animals adopted and into a home where they can thrive.

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Talk a little bit about balancing your career at CapFed and volunteering your time. 

I’m passionate about volunteering at Great Plains SPCA and I’m fortunate that Capitol Federal supports my passion and allows me to have a great work/life balance. The Bank also supports other employees and their willingness to volunteer and improve our communities. I’m proud to work for a company that invests in both employees and the communities in which we live.  

What makes a successful volunteer and what advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering at a shelter? 

To be a successful volunteer, it's important to understand there are many people out there who are less fortunate. When I started volunteering, I didn’t understand why someone would give up their animal. Now, I understand there are some situations in which there is no other way. Volunteering definitely takes an open heart and open mind. You have to let go of the constant wondering of ‘why’ and remember what’s important – making a better life for the animal. The love you get in return from helping an animal find their forever home is a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and friendship.

Great job, Stacie, for volunteering to help enhance the lives of our four-legged friends! Your kindness is appreciated and inspiring. Thank you for being True Blue®!

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Stacie is awesome! Stacie's compassion for animals and humans is a blessing. Just look at the expression on the K9's in the pictures, they are priceless. The animals that receive her love are very lucky. Keep up the great work Stacie! Kudo's to Cap Fed for highlighting Stacie's volunteerism and for its community commitment.

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