True Blue Online® Business Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

True Blue Online® Business Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What is True Blue Online® Business Mobile?

True Blue Online Business Mobile banking is designed to navigate key features of online banking for businesses from the convenience of your mobile device.

Where do I get the app?
Download it from the app store on your phone by searching CapFed® Business.

What platforms do you offer?
iOS and Android. 

How do I give my employees access?
The Admin or Primary User assigns mobile banking access to individual users. Users with mobile banking access will have the same rights in True Blue Online Business Mobile as they have in the traditional Desktop version.

Are there any role differences for True Blue Online Business?
Yes, users will need the approver role to make a transfer or make a bill payment in the mobile app.

What type of accounts can I see in True Blue Online Business Mobile?
You will be able to see the same accounts that you have in the traditional Desktop version. The types of accounts that can be enrolled include: Checking (including Money Market), Savings, Loans, and  Business Credit Cards.

What login credentials do you use?
You will use the same login credentials that you use to log into the traditional Desktop version.

What does it cost?
There is no additional cost for True Blue Online Business Mobile to be enabled for your enrolled accounts.

What can I do in True Blue Online Business Mobile? 
• View balances, activity, and images of cleared checks
• Complete account to account transfers, submit Bill Pay and make check deposits
• Approve Transactions – ACH, Transfers, and Wires 
• Positive Pay – View exception details and make decisions
• Find branch and ATM locations and get navigation help

Will I still need to access True Blue Online Business on my desktop?
Yes, the mobile app offers important on-the-go functions for convenience, and full functionality remains available in the desktop version.

Can my company deposit a check using True Blue Online Business Mobile?
Yes, checks must be made payable to the account name only.

Are there any limits to how much I can deposit?
• Daily limits: $15,000 per item/$15,000 total/10 Checks
• 7 Day limits: $50,000 total/20 Checks
• Checks must be submitted one at a time using the camera on your phone.

Do I have to endorse checks deposited using True Blue Online Business Mobile?

Yes, in addition to writing the business name, all mobile deposit items should include the following endorsement, “Capitol Federal Mobile Deposit Only, Account Number (last four digits)”.

Are the funds immediately available that I deposit using True Blue Online Business Mobile?
Funds will be available using the following schedule:
Day 1: $1,000
Day 2: Remaining balance

What’s the cut-off to deposit on today’s business?
Checks are reviewed and processed daily, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Checks received by 3:00 p.m. will generally post the same business day. Checks received after 3:00 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

Can I make a mobile deposit to my Commercial Savings account?
Commercial Savings accounts are not available for mobile deposit at this time. 

If I have an ICS Sweep or Overdraft Protection, is this balance included in my mobile banking balance?
Yes, the available balance on mobile banking includes the balance of any accounts connected to the account. If you need to see your balance without the ICS Sweep or Overdraft Protection coverage included, please log into the Desktop version.

If I’m locked out of True Blue Online Business Mobile, am I locked out of the Desktop version?
No, they are independent of each other. Please contact the bank at 1-888-510-7333 to regain access.

What if I lose my device?
If your device is lost, or it is stolen, please contact the bank immediately at 1-888-510-7333

Who do I contact if I have a question?
Please contact your Admin or Primary user at your company, or contact us at or 1-888-510-7333 for additional assistance and questions.