Debit Card Security


EMV Chip Card Technology

Chip technology gives your card an added layer of security. Every new CapFed® debit card has an embedded secure computer chip for added fraud protection when making purchases at a chip-enabled terminal. It works by first validating your card and then generates a one-time use security code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce in-store fraud.
  • Includes chip technology for greater security
  • Easy to use at chip-enabled terminals

 Debit Card Safety Tips

The following are some Consumer Reports suggestions about keeping your debit card information safe:

  • Beware when using foreign ATMs 
    If you see an out-of-order sign on a legitimate ATM, beware of using a nearby ATM. Thieves may have set up a phony ATM to “skim” card data. Consumer Reports also suggests keeping your PIN code separate from your ATM or debit card. Also, when keying your PIN into an ATM or card reader, shield the keypad with your free hand. Do not allow hidden cameras or any person to be in sight of the keypad.
  • Protect your card and information at gas pumps 
    Consumer Reports reported, “Card-skimming at gas stations is likely to increase.” To protect yourself, use cash or process your debit card as a credit card transaction instead of using your PIN.
  • Update your account weekly 
    Be sure to maintain your account, so should any unauthorized transactions take place, you may report them quickly. Time is of the essence!
  • What to do with receipts? 
    Do not discard receipts at ATM locations or the gas pump. Keep them until you match the amounts with the transactions; wait for them to clear the bank, then shred the receipts.
  • Your trash may be a treasure to a thief 
    Be sure to shred bank account statements and other financial information prior to tossing them in the trash. Trash is among the top methods used by thieves to commit Identity Theft. Protect yourself – Don’t let them do it to you!
  • Be aware of counterfeit cards
    If you receive a debit or credit card you are not expecting, you may call us or the associated financial institution to verify. Unauthorized cards may include fraudulent numbers on the back, which collect card and PIN information illegally. At Capitol Federal®, you may also send a secured message via True Blue Online® banking, or visit your local branch to confirm.

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True Blue® Direct Visa® Debit Card

A secure way to pay for gas, groceries, travel, online purchases, bills and more – right from your checking account.  A True Blue® Direct debit card is accepted worldwide, wherever you see the VISA® logo.

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Big Security. Tiny Chip.

EMV chip-enabled debit cards include an embedded secure computer chip for added fraud protection. Get yours and enjoy greater security.

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Mobile Safety and Security

Protecting customer account information is a top priority for Capitol Federal®, which is why we enact a high level of encryption in our online and mobile services.

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