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Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

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The use of mobile devices continues to grow as technology evolves, and its use is a part of consumers everyday lives. According to Strategy Analytics, smartphone users spend 167 minutes a day on various mobile applications, and this does not include voice calls! Cybersecurity Ventures predicts by 2025, smartphones will account for more than 55 percent of IP traffic. With the growth of mobile usage, it’s important to protect your mobile device from security threats. Here are few tips to keep you safe:

Keep Personal Information Private. Utilize the passcode lock feature, thumbprint ID or facial recognition on your smartphone and other devices. Thieves and hackers will have a tougher time accessing your information if your device becomes lost or stolen. Try to avoid putting personal information on your mobile devices i.e. social security numbers and passwords.

Protect Your Mobile Device. Your mobile device is a mini computer, so protecting it from viruses and malware is needed. Install a mobile security software. Also, don’t forget to log out of mobile banking after each session. Lastly, delete information before parting ways with your mobile device.

Stay updated. Regularly download updates for you mobile device. This will help protect you from developing viruses. Also, make sure your information is current with your financial institution. If personal information changes or you lose your mobile device, tell your financial institution immediately. At Capitol Federal®, you may call 1-888-822-7333 to report any changes to your personal information.

Be cautious using mobile devices. Proceed with caution when downloading apps. Apps can contain viruses. Look out for public Wi-Fi as well. Public Wi-Fi lacks security, so avoid performing banking transactions while on public Wi-Fi. Instead, switch to your mobile network.

Be aware of external threats.  “Shoulder Surfers” steal information by simply observing. Be aware of surroundings, especially when entering personal information. Also, things to be on the lookout for are phishing scams. Avoid texts and emails from senders you don’t know. They may contain links and attachments that are viruses or harmful software.

Do you know of other ways to keep your mobile devices safe and secure? Let us know!

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I got a new phone and it will not let me get on the app through the new phone. V40 Thin.

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