True Blue Online® Business Bill Pay Terms and Conditions

True Blue Online® Business Bill Pay Terms and Conditions

Expedited Payment Services Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions for the Expedited Payment Services (the "Expedited Payment Services Terms and Conditions") together with the True Blue Online® Terms and Conditions and Bill Payment Terms and Conditions constitute the contract between us and you in connection with the Expedited Payment Services offered through Capitol Federal® Savings Bank’s online banking website. Any references to "we," "us," or "our" includes Capitol Federal Savings Bank and any agent, independent contractor, designee, or assignee that Capitol Federal Savings Bank involves in the provision of the Expedited Payment Service, and any references to "you," "your," or "yours" includes you as a consumer of the Expedited Payment Service and any person authorized by you to access the Expedited Payment Service on your behalf. Please review this entire document to ensure that you understand the full scope of rights and responsibilities associated with the Expedited Payment Service.

Expedited Payment Service. This Service allows you, based on the payment of a convenience fee, to submit payments to participating Billers that will be posted to your account with that Biller on an accelerated basis (each an "Expedited Payment"). Whether the Expedited Payment is processed on the same Business Day, next Business Day, or later depends on the parameters of the Expedited Payment Service, processing rules established by the participating Billers, the date and time of the payment:

  • In order for an Expedited Payment to post on the same day, the Biller must have enrolled in the Expedited Payment Service. This service is only available for participating Billers and the payments made under this Service are subject to the processing rules of each participating Biller. Not all Bill Payment payees are eligible to receive Expedited Payments through this service.
  • You must submit accurate and complete information for an Expedited Payment. The Expedited Payment must be submitted on a Business Day and prior to the Biller's designated daily cutoff time. If you have missed the cutoff time for a particular Biller, that Biller will not be listed as being available for same Business Day processing.
  • Expedited Payments submitted without complete or accurate information may be rejected or may not post on time.
  • Expedited Payments submitted by you on a day other than a Business Day or submitted by you after the applicable Biller's daily cutoff time will be posted the following Business Day. You will be charged a fee for each Expedited Payment you submit, regardless of whether you properly submit the payment.
  • Certain payments are eligible for Expedited Payment made by check delivered via overnight courier.
Hours of Access. You can access the Expedited Payment Service seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, although some or all features of the Service may not be available occasionally due to emergency or scheduled system maintenance, updates or repairs, or for other reasons beyond our control.

Expedited Payment Service Limits. You will not be able to make an Expedited Payment for an amount greater than the available balance in your Payment Account at the time you attempt to schedule the payment. For security purposes, the Expedited Payment Service limits the number of payments and the total amount of payments that you may make per day. You will be given an error message and be prevented from fully executing any transaction that exceeds these limits. We may modify these limits from time to time; however, for security reasons, we do not disclose the limits and we do not announce any modifications thereto. In any event, funds payment in excess of the applicable limits will not be completed.

Fees. The Expedited Payment Service is a transaction-based service. For each Expedited Payment, a one-time fee will be charged to your account in a separate transaction. There are no monthly or recurring fees associated with the Service.

Fees for this Service are disclosed in the Fee Schedule and at the time each payment is scheduled. The Expedited Payment Services fees are in addition to whatever other fees we might normally apply per your account agreement.

Periodic Statements. You will not receive a separate statement for transactions conducted through the Expedited Payment Service. These transactions will be noted on your regular periodic statement.

Electronic Communication. The Expedited Payment Service is an electronic banking service. Therefore, you understand and accept that these Expedited Payment Services Terms and Conditions will be entered into electronically. The consent to receive electronic disclosures applies to all future required disclosures and any amendments, modifications or supplements in connection with the Expedited Payment Service. If you want a paper copy of this addendum and are unable to print it from your access device, you may request a copy by calling the Customer Service number 1-888-8CAPFED (1-888-822-7333).

You understand that to access and retain this disclosure and to use the Expedited Payment Service, you must have a personal computer or other approved device with internet access that meets our minimum system requirements as may be published from time to time on our website.

You understand and accept that we will electronically deliver to you records of your funds payment and other transactions made through the Expedited Payment Service, including without limitation, confirmations of individual transactions and any other communication related to the Expedited Payment Service.

You understand and accept that we will electronically deliver to you any customer service communications, including without limitation, communications with respect to claims of error or unauthorized use of the Expedited Payment Service.

Capitol Federal Savings Bank’s Liability. If we do not complete a properly submitted Expedited Payment on time or in the correct amount according to your instructions, we will be liable only for any late fees and/or finance charges up to $50.00 assessed against you by Biller for the late posting of that particular payment. We will not be liable for any additional fees or charges assessed by Biller on your total outstanding balance.

We will not be liable for consequential damages that might arise from the payment not arriving in time. Additionally, we will not be liable:
1.        If you did not provide us accurate information to successfully complete the payment;
2.        If the available balance in your Payment Account is not sufficient to complete the payment;
3.        If you are unable to schedule a payment because you have exceeded the daily risk management limits;
4.        If you are unable to schedule a payment because the Biller you wish to pay does not participate in this Service;
5.        If you are unable to schedule a payment because the system is unavailable; or
6.        If you schedule the payment for an incorrect amount.