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In 2018, Sherrie Hill became the owner of Martinizing Dry Cleaners in Wichita. In a short two years, she grew one store while purchasing four additional stores on March 1, 2020-and then COVID-19 hit.


For many, that story sounds familiar. Having to shut down the stores she had recently opened, like many other business owners, didn’t break her spirit. By reinventing her business model and working with CapFed’s Business Banking team to address the challenges she faced, Hill was able to stick it out and succeed.


“During COVID-19, we had to reinvent how we do business,” said Hill. “We expanded the types of items we clean, developed a contactless pickup and delivery route, and for our store, added a mobile app and automated lockers in business offices.”


“Working with CapFed® has been great,” said Hill. “It started with the Commercial Lending team helping us with a 7A SBA guarantee loan to purchase the business and some working capital.  Then, the Retail bankers have treated us like we were a multi-million dollar account with being very accommodating during some times when we needed extra attention.”


One tip that Hill says is key-always have a mentor or another like-minded go-to person that will be honest with you.  She believes everyone should be open to change and be prepared for whatever comes your way. 


Martinizing is the largest dry cleaners in the industry with more than 400 franchises worldwide.  Founded in 1949, Henry Martin, revolutionized the quick ‘turn around’ hence the name “One-Hour Martinizing” many people remember. They offer: dry cleaning, laundry services, wash and fold, press only, household items (comforters, drapery, linens, rugs), wedding dresses and leather/suede.  They cater to the business professional, working class and stay-at-home spouse, companies with cleaning needs (uniforms, towels, linens) and anyone that wants more time and less responsibility of cleaning their own clothes.


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