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Chairman's Desk September 2019

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Now, with more Capitol Federal® branches, expanded CapFed® services and new CapFed products, your Bank is growing.  And with these expanded services, we will always be the same bank, rooted in the same principles, in the same communities and everything is True Blue® - Family, Home and Business.    

Family is the foundation for everything we do at the Bank. At every stage of life, Capitol Federal is there to help you save and build toward your future. Every account is backed by our True Blue promise of safety in savings because we know peace of mind is priceless when it comes to your finances. 

Home is where our story began. As a leader in residential lending, we have made healthy and reliable loans without getting involved in high-risk practices and decisions.  Our mortgage process, from start to finish, is designed to make everything simple and easy to understand. 

Business is all about customers. We know how important businesses are to the livelihoods of our customers and our communities. With the addition of our commercial lending department, Capitol Federal has embarked on new opportunities for our business customers, both big and small.  
We are the same Bank we’ve always been – reliable, dependable and trustworthy.  We’re in your neighborhoods and communities to be more than just another business, but a friend and resource for your family, home and business.  We are growing, but we’re dedicated to building on success for a brighter future for everyone.  Thank you for being a part of our family and we sincerely thank you for being our customer. 

At Capitol Federal, everything is True Blue®.

John B. Dicus
CEO, Capitol Federal®

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Sally May

I have been with Cap Fed ever since I moved to Topeka 20 years ago. I had my mortgage with you, and I have always found your staff to be professional and kind. I also am impressed with all the community support and involvement you have given to Topeka over the years.

Janak R Poojara

Congratulations! We have been happy customers of Capitol for over 41 years. Have traveled all over on assignments but have always maintained accounts with Capitol Federal. Have had mortgages thru Capitol Federal as well. We are very proud of Capitol Federal service. All the best!

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