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4 Reasons to Pay Your Bills Online

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Remember the days when an envelope with a stamp was the most efficient way to pay a bill? Thanks to online bill payment sites and apps, such as True Blue Online®, that era is long gone. Now bills can be paid with a click or two. Besides convenience, did you know there are several other great reasons to pay your bills online?

  1. The environment will thank you. The average American uses more than 700 pounds of paper per year. Paying and receiving bills online will help cut down on the amount of paper your household uses, which in turn helps keep waste out of landfills and reduces the impact on trees.

  2. You’ll save on stamps. The price of one postage stamp may seem nominal, but when you add up how many you use every month throughout the year to pay bills, the cost adds up. If you pay your bills online, that’s one more line item you can eliminate from your budget.

  3. It will help you avoid late fees. Remember that time you left a bill on your desk and forgot about it until the day it was due? After mailing it in, you could count on next month's bill arriving with a nice little late fee attached to it. Ouch. True Blue Online bill pay lets you set up recurring payments and due date reminders so you can make late fees a distant memory.

  4. You can pay all your bills in one spot. Sure, you could log into each of your utility’s web sites every month (and try to remember multiple passwords), or you can log in one time to True Blue Online bill pay and set up all your payments for the month on the same page. Just click, pay and then enjoy your day!

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Capitol Federal�

Thank you for your question. To view and edit a payee address, select the payee name (within Bill Pay), and then select �edit�. A window will appear that allows you to view and edit payee information. If a payee is managed, meaning we have a relationship with the payee, most likely larger or national companies, we work with them to establish and maintain the delivery address. In this instance, you will not be able to view or edit it. You may find that more of your payees are now managed by us since we transitioned to the new system. Thank you again for your question.

Michele Rose

Before the change, I was able to check the address of a bill I was paying online or make a change in the address, if needed. Now, I cannot seem to see what the address is that I sending a payment to. Help, please.

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