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Easily track expenses and know where your money is going with True Blue Online®.  This is a free service available to all deposit customers.  Available wherever there is Internet accessibility.  Even download your transactions into Quicken®.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Building Wealth (from the Federal Reserve)

A personal finance education resource for schools, nonprofit community organizations, financial services providers and consumers to help young people, adult consumers, families and others develop a plan for building personal wealth.
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Budget-Friendly Smart Ideas

Save your budget from being busted by following a few of our smart idea tips.
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Budget Calculators

Do the math with these personal finance calculators.  Can you afford the vacation?  Should you cut back on eating meals out?
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IRA Beneficiary Designations

Here are some important tips to consider when selecting or updating your IRA beneficiary designations. Learn more

Annually Review Your Beneficiary Designations

Each year, whether you choose your birthday, the new year or tax time, be
sure to ask any Capitol Federal® customer service representative to
review your list of beneficiaries for your IRA accounts. At the same
time, confirm your 'Pay on Death' or 'Transfer on Death' designations on
your non-retirement accounts. Taking this time each year will assure that
upon your death, your wishes will be fulfilled in the manner you
intended. In a year's time, life can change - birth, death, divorce,
marriage. Any of these events are prompts for you to update your list
of beneficiaries. After the review is completed, ask for a copy of the
beneficiary designations for your files.

Important Tip for IRA beneficiaries: On an IRA, you have the ability to
name both a primary and/or a contingent beneficiary. If no beneficiary is
listed, then your estate is deemed to be your beneficiary. On your IRA,
you also may choose to designate a specific percentage for your
beneficiaries in an effort to make your wishes more clear. You may want
to discuss your plans with your attorney to assure your beneficiary(ies)
are listed correctly.


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