Boost your Budget

Saving a few extra dollars here and there really does add up.  Just imagine, skip the $4 coffee twice a week for an entire year - that is $416 in savings that could go to a vacation fund or be used for home improvements.

By following a few of the budget saving ideas below, you could put yourself back on the savings tract.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

When making your household budget, don’t forget to count the little things -- the coffee you buy every day on the way to work, paying for parking or stamps. These things may seem minor, but they add up.

Carry Cash

Carry a decent amount of cash with you. This helps avoid over-spending. When you see your wallet getting thinner, you are less likely to spend on unnecessary purchases.

If It’s Trendy, Buy It Cheap

So, you want a pair of the latest trend in jeans. Most likely this look will not be a lasting one, so don’t buy the designer brands. Instead, shop at stores that carry the same look for less. Chances are good that you won’t wear it next season.

Don’t Eat Out

Avoiding restaurants is a huge money saver. If you do dine at a restaurant, be sure to check for newspaper coupons. Restaurant portions are generally large. Could you split a meal with a friend?  This saves money and helps your waistline.