True You Authentication

True You Authentication - Extra security for True Blue Online® users. True You Authentication - extra security for CapFed's True Blue Online® users

Capitol Federal continuously enhances the security of the True Blue Online® (TBO) environment for transacting your banking business.  True You Authentication adds further security into True Blue Online®, using a process requiring no cumbersome hardware devices, such as tokens or software loaded on your computer.  This allows you to access True Blue Online® from anywhere at any time without special requirements when you are away from home.  Here’s how it works.

Questions and Answers

True You Authentication monitors your signature profile based upon specific computer and Internet service provider information.  If you log on from one of your typical locations, you are verified against previous log on information and allowed to log on with your user ID and password.  If the signature profile is different than previous sessions, you will be asked to respond to a challenge question.  Periodically, we may challenge you with one of your questions to keep your responses fresh in your memory.

The answer will be information you provided at enrollment and should be something not publicly known.  Answers must match exactly to the ones previously recorded, and incorrect answers will prevent the user from continuing.  To the valid user, answering these previously initiated questions will be easy.  For unauthorized users, the questions are difficult, if not impossible, to guess.

Enrolling in True You Authentication           

Enrollment is easy.  As Capitol Federal proceeds with the rollout, you will at some point be requested to enroll.  A page will display with a brief description of the requirements.  You may choose to enroll at a later date, which will allow you to continue with your online session.  We encourage you to enroll at your earliest convenience.  Once the final enrollment date has expired, you will be required to enroll in True You Authentication to be able to log on to True Blue Online®.

You also may enroll after you log on by selecting the Self-Service tab and choosing the Change Security Answers menu item.  This will enroll you in True You Authentication at a time of your choosing, rather than waiting for the enrollment request.

The enrollment process is quick and simple.  Information requested includes social security number and responses to six questions.  You select the questions that you would like to use and enter your responses to those questions.  A wide variety of questions are provided to allow you to select the ones that will help you to remember the responses when you are asked to reply to the question.

Below are some guidelines in selecting the questions and entering your responses:

    • Choose questions that are something that you know vs. something you need to remember
    • Choose questions that are not easily guessed by someone else
    • Choose questions that do not change over time
    • Your security answer is case-sensitive, so remember how you wrote it
    • Enter responses that are not ambiguous so that your response will be the same whenever you enter it
    • Avoid special characters that may be excluded or included on your subsequent response
    • Periodically update your question choices and responses so that they remain current and you can respond accurately when necessary