College Prep Timeline

High School Freshman:

      • Choose your classes wisely with your path to college in mind.
      • Study and work hard to attain good grades, as they will be the most important keys to the college of your choice.
      • Become involved in extracurricular activities.
      • Visit with a high school counselor about your goals, plans for college and any career possibilities that interest you.

High School Sophomore:

      • Continue keeping your grades as high as possible.
      • Keep participating in extracurricular activities.
      • Inquire about PSAT/NMSQT test (to qualify for National Merit Scholarship) in September. Tests are taken in October/November. 

High School Junior:

      • Keep your grades in good standing - this is very important! 
      • Continue involvement in extracurricular activities. 
      • Take or retake the PSAT/NMSQT test (to qualify for National Merit Scholarship) in October. 
      • Attend workshops and start preparing for ACT/SAT testing. 
      • Take the ACT and/or SAT during the spring semester. This will allow you to retake the test, to increase your score, if desired or needed. 
      • Visit college campuses, gather information and pick up admission packets. 
      • Continue speaking with your high school guidance counselor concerning your college plans. 
      • Explore possibilities of part-time jobs and/or volunteering activities associated with your career path.

High School Senior:

      • Stay focused on your grades and extracurricular activities – you’re almost there!
      • Request people to write letters of recommendation for you.
      • Select four to six colleges and request applications. Complete and return them on time. 
      • Take ACT and/or SAT and repeat as necessary or desired. 
      • Talk with your high school counselor concerning scholarships & grants. 
      • Apply for scholarships & grants before Christmas break - verify arrival of your application. 
      • If you are applying for Federal Financial Aid, prepare your application and apply prior to May 1. 
      • Continue your career-related job or volunteering through the summer.