Teen Savings (Blue Chips)

CapFed's Teen Savings (Blue Chips) - Investing in your future. Capitol Federal® Teen Savings - Investing in your future.

With everything you have going on, you might not think much about managing or investing your money.  Just one of those boring things that parents do, right?  Maybe so.  But making the right decisions for yourself about what you’ll do with your money is a skill that can make your life much easier down the road.  Capitol Federal's Blue Chips Teen Investment Club is here to help give you some of the tips you might need to evaluate your decisions.  So whether you have a part-time job, get an allowance, or just find a quarter on the sidewalk, Blue Chips wants to help show you that even a little can help you lay a solid foundation for your own financial future.

With only $25, you can get started by opening a Blue Chips Savings Account.  Visit your local CapFed today.

Starting from scratch?  Get some Finance 101.

As you develop a savings portfolio, be sure to open your First Blue Checking account, providing the opportunity to learn early how to maintain a checking account.  Your teenage years is a special time in life, when all your dreams lie ahead.  Take advantage of the time – learn more about saving and checking, and make those dreams come true.

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