Membership/Program rules

Blue Bucks Members Receive:

  • Membership kit with fun gifts
    Join the club with a special gift from Milo and his friends.  You'll get all you need to know about the club and some extra fun stuff to give you a taste of what's to come!

  • Quarterly Rewards
    Meet the requirements for the quarterly rewards and earn awesome prizes from our very own treasure chests.  Each office has one, so no matter which CapFed you go to, bring in your certificate and we will reward you.

  • Quarterly Newsletters
    We want to make saving fun, so our quarterly newsletters help make that happen. They are filled with activities and fun facts that get you excited to save!

  • A Birthday surprise just for you
    We want to bring a smile to your face on your big day. Watch for the Blue Bucks gang in your mailbox around your birthday!

Program Rules:

Hey, kids! Want to dig through our treasure chest for great prizes? During the year, you can work on your short-term savings skills for an opportunity to pull something neat from Milo’s loot. You can select your own prize from the special Blue Bucks treasure chest, while supplies last:

Here is what you do to be eligible for prizes:

  1. Deposit $25 or more into your Blue Bucks account during the first month of each calendar quarter*, e.g., January, April, July, October. Eligibility requires the deposit by the 15th of each specified month.

  2. Leave your money in your savings account for one calendar quarter (three months).**

  3. When your deposit, added to your previous balance, remains in your account for one calendar quarter (three months), you will receive an award certificate in the mail.

  4. Then, just bring your certificate to the Capitol Federal location of your choice to claim your prize.***

*Eligible calendar quarters:

  • January - March
  • April - June
  • July - September
  • October - December

** In order to be eligible for the prize, your beginning quarter's balance plus your quarterly deposit must remain in your account for three consecutive months (in the same calendar quarter).

For example:

  • $15.45 balance at beginning of quarter I (JAN)
    $30.00 quarter I deposit
    $45.45 balance required through end of March to receive prize

  • $45.45 balance at beginning of quarter II (APR)
    $25.00 quarter II deposit
    $70.45 balance required through end of June to receive prize

  • $70.45 balance at beginning of quarter III (JULY)
    $29.00 quarter III deposit
    $99.45 balance required through end of September to receive prize

  • $99.45 balance at beginning of quarter IV (OCT)
    $32.00 quarter IV deposit
    $131.45 balance required through end of December to receive prize

***Only one reward per quarter.

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