Blue Bucks Kids' CD

CapFed's Blue Bucks Kids' CD - Build savings as you go.

Milo and his Blue Bucks friends have come up with a great new way for kids ages 0-18 to save.

The Blue Bucks Kids' CD combines the interest rate of a CD with the ability to increase your savings at any time by making additional deposits of $25 or more. 

Been babysitting or mowing lawns?  With the Kids' CD's 12-month term and variable interest rate, you can deposit what you want to save and watch your savings grow.


* Interest compounded daily and paid quarterly. The interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY) may change monthly after the account is open. The interest rate shall be adjusted on the first day of each calendar month to equal the coupon rate for U.S. Treasury obligations issued for two years as determined by the most recent auction. The minimum interest rate is .01%, the maximum interest rate is 10.00%. Premature withdrawals from Certificates of Deposit shall be subject to a penalty.

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