Better Savings

Better Savings - Simply a better way to prepare for your future. CapFed® Savings - Simply a better way to prepare for your future.

Reasons why Capitol Federal is your better bank for savings. 


1.  FDIC Insured, Guaranteed Rate CDs.
You can feel secure and certain about your investments and choose the terms for you with any of the Certificate of Deposit options we offer.

2.  Roth IRA.
Retirement near, or far?  Either way, achieve greater growth with potential tax-free withdrawals during your retirement with a Roth IRA from Capitol Federal.

3. Traditional IRA.
Reducing your tax payments sounds like an excellent idea to us.  Invest in a traditional IRA and save for your future.  There are no income eligibility limits.

4.  FDIC Insured Savings Account.
Savings that doesn’t lose value is safe and secure.  Sock away extra funds in a "rainy day" fund for those unplanned expenses or new deck.

5.  Blue Bucks Kids Club Account.
Teach your child the importance of savings and the value of money – fun games, special prizes and a monthly kids newsletter.

6.  Tiered-rates Money Market Account.
Earning a higher interest rate and having cash easily available for alternative investments is both convenient and smart.  The Money Market Select account is like a savings account but with the added features of a checking account. 

7.  Education Savings Account.
College costs got you down?  Save for your child's future with possible tax benefits.  Finance their education and help them succeed.

8.  Competitive Rates.
Our steady interest rates over time provide the best long-term savings solution.  Check them out!

9. Retirement Essentials.
Planning for retirement can be a confusing, stressful task.  Stop by a Capitol Federal branch and let us help you sort it all out.  We have tax-advantage IRAs and other savings options that are both safe and secure.

10. Kids' CD.
Kids want cool ways to save, so we introduced the new Kids' CD that allows them to build savings in $25 or more increments with the interest rate and security of a CD.

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