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Capitol Federal's True Blue® Team

A Legacy of Heritage, Heart and Home!

For more than 120 years, Capitol Federal® has built a Tradition of Strength, Honor and Stability – always keeping its customers foremost in mind.  Capitol Federal begins by finding the best people to serve its customers, people with the experience and longevity it takes to assist customers as they make one of the most important decisions in their lives – the purchase of a home.

Click on the link for the Capitol Federal professional near you and discover the knowledge and understanding he or she will provide for you.  Beyond their lending expertise, you’ll meet them as they reveal their “Commitment to Community” and to the housing industry.

Once you make your choice, you’ll also realize the strength behind our loan professionals and the local servicing that remains with you throughout the life of your conventional loan. 

Since first opening its doors in 1893, Capitol Federal has continued to further its belief in the American Home.  We are here to serve you and the community as a partner in the expansion of homeownership.  Meet with us today and discover why Capitol Federal is Kansas’ Leading Residential Lender.

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Paulean CarterPaulean Carter

   Paulean Carter
    NMLS# 556706

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Kaye Brown

    Kaye Brown
   NMLS# 556691

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Janet McElroyJanet McElroy

   Janet McElroy
   NMLS# 556692

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Michael BrightonMichael Brighton

  Michael Brighton
     NMLS# 556688

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Jon OttenJon Otten

      Jon Otten
Greater Kansas City
   NMLS# 556696

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Sherri TrotterSherri Trotter

     Sherri Trotter
  Greater Kansas City
     NMLS# 556687

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Teketa HardingTeketa Harding

   Teketa Harding
    NMLS# 556760

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Alan SchmidtJennifer Sizemore

 Jennifer Sizemore
   NMLS# 1233089   

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Brian BrunsBrian Bruns

      Brian Bruns
  Greater Kansas City
    NMLS# 556758

Brittany RayBrittany Ray

     Brittany Ray
  Greater Kansas City
   NMLS# 1168089

Tom RosbergTom Rosberg

    Tom Rosberg
  Greater Kansas City
    NMLS# 262121

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Tim MurrayTim Murray

     Tim Murray
   NMLS# 556686

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Maryann HurstMaryann Hurst

   Maryann Hurst
    NMLS# 556695

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Mark V. HernandezMark V. Hernandez

Mark V. Hernandez
     NMLS# 556689

CapFed® Loan Professionals - Joyce KnightJoyce Knight

   Joyce Knight
Greater Kansas City
   NMLS# 556694

Maria Carolina PortaMaria Carolina Porta

Maria Carolina Porta 
  Greater Kansas City
  English  or  Spanish
     NMLS# 556757

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