True Blue Online® Account Questions

Which types of accounts can I access using Capitol Federal True Blue Online®?

You must be a Capitol Federal customer to enroll for True Blue Online®.  To make bill payments, you must have a Capitol Federal personal checking account. You can review account balances for any of your personal checking, savings or money market accounts, certificates of deposit, IRAs, consumer loans and mortgages that have the same Social Security Number. You also can use the History function to review transaction history. In addition, you can transfer funds between any of your personal Capitol Federal checking, savings, money market accounts or Execuline loans, or make payments to mortgage and other installment loans. Transfers from a savings or money market account are limited by Federal law to not more than six (6) per calendar month.
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What are "eligible" accounts for my User ID?

Each Capitol Federal product that is identified with the same taxpayer identification number (social security number) is an eligible account. This includes Passcard savings, checking, money market and certificate of deposit accounts, retirement accounts, home equity lines of credit ("Execuline"), consumer loans and mortgage loans.

Eligible deposit ownerships may include individual, joint, or revocable trust accounts; Traditional IRA, Roth, Education, SEPP and Simple retirement accounts; sole proprietor/practitioner accounts; Uniform Transfers to Minors; fiduciary (executor, administrator, conservator); or representative payee. Business accounts are not eligible to enroll.
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How can I exclude an eligible account from being accessible?

There are two methods available to exclude accounts. Using True Blue Online®, you can go to Self-Service and select Manage Account Preferences. This page displays all of your eligible accounts.  You can exclude accounts from displaying online as well as whether to use for Bill Pay. This method only hides the account from display on the one customer associated with the True Blue Online® user ID.

The second method is to contact Capitol Federal and request coding the account as ineligible for online access.  This method will restrict the account from any online use for all account owners.
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Can multiple account owners each access their accounts?

All account owners may enroll for True Blue Online® separately, and each will have his/her own password. If each joint account owner also enrolls separately for Bill Payment Service, each owner will have his/her own list of payees and payment history.
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When I open a new account or change ownership, how is my User ID profile affected?

Eligible new accounts generally will be added to your User ID. If you change ownership on an account and/or change the taxpayer identification number, that account will immediately be removed from your profile list, which also will prohibit online access for previous history.

The affected account number would be available under the new taxpayer identification number - the same as a new account - and would be added to that User ID profile, if applicable.

Any scheduled transfers or pending payments set up on accounts that have had a subsequent change in ownership will not be automatically deleted. They will, however, be rejected on the date that the funds are to be posted on the affected account.
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For a Capitol Federal deposit account, what is the difference between "Current Balance" and "Available Balance"?

"Current Balance" is the total amount in your account.

"Available Balance" is the amount of your current balance that is accessible to you for withdrawal right now.
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For a Capitol Federal mortgage, what is the difference between "Principal Balance" and "Escrow Balance"?

"Principal Balance" is the amount you still owe on the loan. Your actual payoff amount may differ from the balance shown because interest is accrued daily to your account.

"Escrow Balance" is the amount currently available to pay taxes and insurance.

If you need the payoff amount of your loan, please call Capitol Federal at 1-800-222-7312 during regular business hours.
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What details will I find on the Account History? Whom do I call if I have a question?

Account History allows you to review transactions posted to each of your accounts. You can review details about each transaction, including the date, amount and description of the transaction and the balance in your account after the transaction was posted.

If you have any questions, please call Capitol Federal at 1-888-8CAPFED.
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How can I transact other Capitol Federal business?

The following activities are available through True Blue Online® using the Self-Service menus:

                • Order Checks
                • Stop Payments
                • Order Check Copies
                • Order Statement Copies
                • Report Lost Card
                • Change Email Address
                • Inquire on Status of Bill Payments

By using "Secure Messages", you may request other information about your accounts or other services offered by Capitol Federal.  At this time, applications for any type of loan are not permitted using True Blue Online®. Secure message transactions are referred to agent specialists for handling. You will receive a confirmation response message once your request has been acted upon, usually within the current business day.
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