Quicken® User Notes

If you were able to complete the conversion instructions prior to the True Blue Online® upgrade, you should now be able to sign on to Quicken.  When signing on for the first time, be sure to select Capitol Federal Savings – New. 

If you were unable to complete the conversion instructions, and have not tried to connect with “Capitol Federal Savings – New” yet, you still can follow the instructions and complete the conversion.  You may find those instructions by clicking on the link below.   If you need further assistance with TBO and Quicken connectivity, please call customer service at 1-888-822-7333.

As a Quicken® user, we wanted you to be aware of the following:

Capitol Federal® has completed the upgrade to the TBO system. You may now complete the portion of the instructions below that are specified for completion after the upgrade, in order for your service to continue functioning properly. Please click on the link below to view the Quicken® conversion instructions.

Are you a Mac user? The upgraded TBO supports Quicken Essentials for Mac.



Other user notes:

Quicken allows you to control how your payee names are displayed in the Quicken Transactions Register by using Payee Renaming Rules. 

Renaming rules are guidelines that tell Quicken to always use a standardized payee name (for example, Anytown Coffeehouse) when an equivalent payee is downloaded (for example, Anytown Coffeehouse 005 PLEASANTON 945). You can have Quicken suggest renaming rules for you (easiest method), or you can create and manage them yourself (you can always edit them later, no matter how they were created).

Renaming rules don't change transactions already recorded in your register; they affect only downloaded transactions that you're in the process of reviewing and accepting and transactions that will be downloaded in the future.

Note that renaming rules are available only for online-activated accounts.

Follow the instructions below to create renaming rules in the Memorized Payee List for future downloaded transactions. The rule you create below will be added to the list in the Renaming Rules for Downloaded Transactions dialog.

  • Choose Cash Flow menu > Memorized Payee List.
  • Click Renaming Rules.
  • If necessary, click OK to close the Quicken can now rename your payees information window.
  • In the Renaming Rules for Downloaded Transactions dialog, click New to add a renaming rule.
  • At the top of the dialog, enter the name you want to use for this payee.
  • Define the method you want Quicken to use to map similar names to be renamed to the new name.

    In the list, select search criteria such as Contains, Starts With, or Is Equal To.

    In the Enter text to search for field, enter a name or partial name. For example, if Quagmire Enterprises was entered as the new name, and the method was defined as Payee starts with Quagmire Ent, then both QUAGMIRE ENTRPR 009 and Quagmire Enterprises River Road would be renamed to Quagmire Enterprises.

  • To add additional search criteria, click Add new item. (Optional)
  • To save the rule, click OK, and then click Done.