TBO® Glossary of Terms

TBO® Glossary of TermsTBO® Glossary of Terms

Account-to-Account Payments = These payments will allow you to easily move money between accounts, both internally and externally.    This will give you greater control when moving funds from Capitol Federal to outside institutions, and saves money on wire transfers.  Internal payments from one Capitol Federal account to another will not include a Convenience Fee.

Alerts: Balance, Budget, Transaction and Security
= With the new various alert options, you will be able to stay on top of your accounts more easily, as well as better track your personal budget.  You will be able to set account balance threshold alerts (both high and low), budget alerts, security alerts and transaction alerts. 

TIP: The alerts will be emailed to the email address you have on file, so be sure to keep your email address up-to-date with Capitol Federal.

Business Day
= every Monday through Friday. Holidays are not included.

Check Payment
= A check is generated and mailed to the biller; the funds are not removed from your checking account until the biller actually cashes the check.  These checks are encoded with your routing number and checking account number.   A stop payment may be placed on a bill payment check.  Stop payment fees will apply, and billers may collect additional fees.

CheckFree Guarantee =
Due to circumstances like delays in handling and posting payments by billers or financial institutions, some transactions may take longer to be credited to your account. We will bear responsibility for any related late payment charges up to $50.00 should a payment post after its due date, as long as the payment was scheduled in accordance with the guidelines described under "Payment Scheduling" in the True Blue Online® disclosure agreement. (link to that)

To be covered under the CheckFree Guarantee, protecting customers against up to $50.00 in late fees, the payment date must be the same as or earlier than the subscriber’s biller statement due date, not within the grace period.  If the actual due date falls on a non-business day, you must select a scheduled payment date that is at least one business day before the actual due date.  Your pay date is interpreted as the date the payment is expected to arrive at the biller.  This date should correspond to your due date with the biller.  If you schedule the payment with all correct biller information (due date, amount, account number and address) and the payment arrives after the pay date (biller’s due date), the CheckFree Guarantee will apply.

Convenience Fee
= A fee charged for the convenience of certain services offered by Capitol Federal and True Blue Online®.

Default Destination
= This is the page that appears when you sign on.  When you originally sign on after the upgrade, the overview page will appear, but if you would like to change the default page from the overview page, you may do so.  Follow these steps:

  1. After you enter your User ID on the login page, your TrueStamp will appear.   
  2. Select the page you would like as your default page, from the “Take Me To” drop down list box. 
  3. Check the box next to “Make this page my default destination page”.
  4. Enter your password and click the “Login” button.  
  5. The next time you login, your new default destination page will display. 

NOTE: You may change your default destination at any time.

Default Pay from Account
= The new TBO Bill Payment does not support the “Default Pay From Account”.  With no default funding account, each time you request a payment, you must choose the account from which each payment will be withdrawn.

Due Date
= is the date reflected on your biller statement for which the payment is due; it is not the late date or grace period.

Calendar = Choose your pay date from your Calendar to assure you are choosing a correct date.  The Calendar will not permit you to select a pay date less than two business days from the current date, if the payment is electronic or 4-5 days for a check.  Dates not allowed to be chosen as a pay date will be grayed out, preventing you from making an error.  Payments are sent in advance of the pay date by Capitol Federal, and as long as the earliest date to select is the pay date or before, the payment will arrive on time.  This calendar is designed to work with the biller, who determines the available date for payment to be scheduled.

eBills = Receive and pay bills directly from many of the largest billers on True Blue Online®.   No need to sign on to a separate website or incur extra costs from stamps, checks and envelopes.  You may set up eBills manually, or use the “Auto-pay” feature, paying the minimum amount due or the full balance automatically.

Electronic Payments
= the funds will be debited from your account and the biller will receive the payment on the pay date you scheduled. The payment cannot be stopped; you will need to contact the biller for a refund.

eStatements =
You now may view eStatements on True Blue Online®, a fast, convenient and secure way to access your current and past account information.  Once enrolled, you will receive no more paper statements in the postal mail, reducing your risk of identity theft and going green – all at the same time!

= An excellent method for organizing your bills, making bills easier to find.  For example, you can create such groups as Utilities, Vacation and Mom’s Bills.  Always sorted alphabetically, you may create up to 60 groups. 

New system allows you to organize billers into groups = If you pay from multiple accounts and specific billers are paid with specific accounts, you can use “groups” to assist.

TIP: You may use a number at the beginning of a group’s name to have it appear first in the list of groups.  By collapsing unneeded groups, you may easily view the groups from which you currently are paying bills.

Next Day Payments
= If a biller is next-day capable, a payment can be processed the next business day after the customer schedules it.  Changes or cancellations must be made by the cutoff time of 5 PM to 10 PM EST, before the payment begins processing.  Payments to other billers might require up to four days for the biller to receive payment.

TIP: When you attempt to make a next day payment and discover the pay date grayed out on the dynamic calendar, you know the biller does not receive payments on that day.

Overnight Payments = If a paper payment will be sent, a payment can process the next day for a convenience fee.  Changes or cancellations must be made by the cutoff time of 2 PM EST, before the payment begins processing.  Payments to other billers might require up to four days for the biller to receive the payment.

TIP: When you attempt to make an overnight payment and discover the pay date grayed out on the dynamic calendar, you know the biller does not receive payments on that day.

Overview Page
= This screen allows you to see the big picture all on one screen.  At a glance, you can see your account balances, review upcoming bills and reminders, scheduled payments and transfers. Make quick transfers or quick payments and view easy to read spending graphs to assist you in meeting your budget goals.

Pay Date
= Date the biller will receive payment.  It is the date marked as the due date on the biller’s statement.  The upgraded True Blue® Bill Payment Service is based on a pay date system.  When you request a payment to be made, you will insert the date for which you’d like the biller to be paid in the pay date field.  Remember, the pay date must be earlier or the same as the due date on your biller’s statement.  Capitol Federal sends the payment to the biller in advance of the pay date. 

TIP: Set a payment alert with each biller to know when the payment is processed. Always remember to reconcile your account by reviewing your account history.

= “Payees’ are now “billers.” A "biller" is the person or entity to which you wish a bill payment to be directed or is the person or entity from which you receive electronic bills, as the case may be.

Payment Account
= the checking account from which bill payments will be debited.  Eligible accounts that require two or more signatures or authorizations to withdraw or transfer funds may not be used as a bill payment account.  Money Market accounts and Execuline accounts also are not eligible bill payment accounts.

Payment with the status of Processing
= A payment with the status “Processing” means the payment has been sent to the biller in advance of the pay date.  At this point, you cannot change or cancel the payment. 

TIP: While the Payment Center shows the payment has been processed or is processing, your online checking account transaction and balance may not reflect the payment at this time.  However, you should remember to deduct these funds from your checking account balance to ensure funds will be available when the payment is presented for payment.  Do not set up another duplicate payment, because the payment has not been deducted from your account.

Pending Payments
= Offers you a quick summary of the payments you have scheduled, allowing you to check whether payments have been processed or not.  Pending payments may be reviewed from the Payment Center, or the “Manage My Bills” tab.  Only if the pending payment has a change/cancel link can you modify or cancel the payment.

Person-to-Person Payments
= Paying another person will be as easy as sending a text or email.  You no longer will need to know an account number, only their email address or mobile phone number.  This is an inexpensive, easy, fast and safe way to send money electronically.  Perfect for paying back a friend for concert tickets, paying the babysitter or sending birthday money.

Personal Money Manager
= Access your transaction history and budget information without having to purchase software and without having to leaving Capitol Federal’s online site.  Transaction history will build up to 24 months.  This service is for all transactions on an account.  PMM offers the convenience of personal financial management, allowing you to set a budget and budget alerts, as well as how to access reports for taxes at the end of the year.  What a great financial tool, providing usable financial information for you!

Principal Only Mortgage Payments – Now Online!
= Now, mortgage customers wanting to make Principal Only Mortgage payments online will be able to do so from their Capitol Federal checking account. 

Date = Method used prior to the True Blue Online® upgrade.  Customer selected the process date. This was the date the bill was sent, either electronically or by check, to the Biller, and funds were debited from your account.  This payment method will no longer be in use after the upgrade (summer 2012).

Same Day Payments
= If a biller is same-day capable, a payment can be processed the same business day the customer schedules it.  Changes or cancellations must be made by the cutoff time of 10 PM EST, before the payment begins processing.  Payments to other billers might require up to four days for the biller to receive payment. 

TIP: When you attempt to make a same day payment and discover the pay date grayed out on the dynamic calendar, you know the biller does not receive payments on that day.

Self Service Tab
= This is where you may order checks, request stop payments, and change your User ID, security questions and password.  Added to the Self Service page is the ability to enroll or unenroll in eStatements, change your TrueStamp, manage categories and rules for the Personal Money Manager and update your address, telephone number and email.

Technology – Greater Security with Multi-Factor Authentication = An additional layer of security for your online bank accounts, protecting against phishing scheme attacks.  During your first sign on, following the upgrade, you will be asked to set up your TrueStamp, an image selected by you from a unique phrase you provide.  Once signed on, you will have the option to change your TrueStamp at any time under the “Self Service” Tab.  When you log in again, after you’ve entered your User ID, watch as your TrueStamp appears, along with a prompt for your password.  If the image and phrase are correct, you may proceed by entering your password.  If the image and phrase of your TrueStamp are incorrect, DO NOT enter your password and contact Capitol Federal’s Customer Service at 1-888-8CAPFED (1-888-822-7333).